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 The SoilChip project

Exploring soil microbiology and ecology through microfluidics
Meet The Scientists:

Who We Are


We are an interdiscilinary group of scientists associated mainly with Lund University in Sweden. We draw inspiration from our diverse backgrounds in microbial ecology, bio technology, mycorrhizal symbiosis, microfluidics, mutualistic evolution, and biogeochemistry, to create new ways of studying microorganisms in soil systems.

What We Do


Understanding what happens in soil systems has always been a challenge for scientists. Independently of whether you are curious about the chemical processes happening under ground, or the microbial communties and sybiotic relationships formed there, working with soils presents a specific set of challenges, such as representing its extreme micro scale heterogeneity, and overcoming the poor visibility into soils. What we are trying to do is to gain more knowledge about soil systems and their microbial inhabitants by using microfluidic chip systems to simulate the environmental conditions and symbiotic interactions found in soils. 

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