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Dr Hanbang zou


I am a research fellow, originally, from Tianjin, China. I obtained my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Honours) from Monash University and Central South University (joint program) in March 2017. I completed my PhD at Monash University in February 2021, with my thesis titled, "Microfluidic Platforms For Analysing The Development Of Miscibility". 

I am interested in microfluidic chemical analysis, microfluidic applications in carbon sequestration, and microbial ecology. Carbon sequestration has been a popular research topic in recent years as the rapid elevation of carbon emission has significantly impacted our climate. Apart from carbon capture and storage in e.g. oil reservoirs, soil carbon sequestration offers a long-term and safe solution for the environment and human beings. The net soil carbon budget is determined by the balance between terrestrial ecosystem sink and sources of respiration to atmospheric carbon dioxide. Carbon can be long-term stored as organic matter in the soil whereas it can be released from the decomposition of organic matter. In Edith group, I will be focusing on creating a microfluidic porous medium that contains both physical and chemical heterogeneity to mimic real oil condition that helps us study carbon cycling-related questions. 

Besides my passion for research, I was a very dedicated surfer in Melbourne as well as a jazz music lover. I also play the saxophone in my spare time. In the past, I spent a lot of time in different bands (orchestra/ big band), soccer club, training with local swimming team. ​​

  • H. Zou, A. C. Slim, A. Neild. Role of multiple-contact miscibility in drainage from a two-dimensional porous medium. Phys. Rev. Appl. 2021

  • H. Zou, H. Kang, A. Slim, A. Neild. Pore-scale multiple-contact miscibility measurements in a microfluidic chip. Lab Chip, 2020,20, 3582-3590

  • H. Zou, A. C. Slim, A. Neild. Rapid characterization of multiple-contact miscibility: towards a slim-tube on a chip. Anal. Chem.2019, 2019, 91, 21, 13681-13687​

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