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Habitat geometry in artificial microstructure affects bacterial and fungal growth, interactions and substrate consumption

Arellano Caicedo C.G., Jason Beech, Bengtsson M., Ohlsson P., Hammer E.C. (2021). Communications Biology 4, 1226.

Build your own soil: exploring microfluidics to create microbial habitat structures

Aleklett K, Kiers ET, Ohlsson P, Shimizu TS, Caldas VE, Hammer EC. (2018). Build your own soil: Exploring microfluidics to create microbial habitat structures. ISME J 12: 312–319.


Microfluidic chips provide visual access to in situ soil ecology.

Mafla-Endara, P. M., Arellano-Caicedo, C., Aleklett, K., Ohlsson, P. & Hammer, E. C. Commun. Biol. 4:889, 1–12 (2021).

Fungal foraging behaviour and hyphal space exploration in micro-structured Soil Chips

Aleklett, K., Ohlsson, P., Bengtsson, M. & Hammer, E. C. ISME J. 1–12 (2021). doi:10.1038/s41396-020-00886-7

Shining new light into soil systems: Spectroscopy in microfluidic soil chips reveals microbial biogeochemistry

Pucetaite, M., Ohlsson, P., Persson, P. & Hammer, E. Soil Biol. Biochem. 153, 108078 (2021).

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