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Soil chip project at the MicroNano Systems Workshop (MSW 2016) in Lund.

On Pelle's initiative, we submitted an abstract to the MicroNano Systems Workshop (MSW 2016) which was held in Lund on May 16-18th, and got the previlege to give a presentation at the meeting, as well as host a small demo station showing fungi growing inside microfluidic chips. Many people were curious to see if the fungi were alive and growing in there. We met a lot of interesting potential future collaborators working with developing new microfluidics techniques and got inspired by the diverse applications of microfluidic systems.

Edith, Pelle, Micaela, Carlos and me all participated in the conference, and I got to give a talk to the engineering audience about soil chips, demonstrating how far we have gotten in the process of growing fungi in microfluidic systems. The talk was well recieved, and to our surprise, awarded the Zeiss prize (a very nice pair of binoculars) for best imaging, which was accepted by Edith and the rest of the group, as I had to run off and catch a plane.

Overall it was a very nice meeting that we would be happy to participate in again.

- Kristin

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