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How can we use microfluidics to study microbial ecology in soil systems? Read our latest paper to fi

We are happy to announce that our first publication as a research group has been published in the ISME journal - Build your own soil: exploring microfluidics to create microbial habitat structures.

The publication has been a collaborative effort between the Soil Chip group here at Lund University and our colleagues at VU in Amsterdam, and we hope that it will be a source of inspirations for many new studies using microfluidic techniques to study microbial ecology.

Below you have the short abstract and more links to the authors and our projects.

"Soil is likely the most complex ecosystem on earth. Despite the global importance and extraordinary diversity of soils, they have been notoriously challenging to study. We show how pioneering microfluidic techniques provide new ways of studying soil microbial ecology by allowing simulation and manipulation of chemical conditions and physical structures at the microscale in soil model habitats."

Full link to download the publication:

Link to our websites @ Lund University:

Link to the lab of Toby Kiers @ Vrije Universiteit

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